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New beginnings here at home or I'm one step forward

22.01.2015 18:05
For a while I've been here almost a month since I returned from a three-month stay in London and meetings seems to me that I have only a short moment that I had not even get settled enough was enough ... I see with family and friends and settle needed and that's about all. I regard that I moved a dramatically large piece and something is wrong with me otherwise, but here it seems time has stopped and has not changed anything at all ... My sister told me that it works like it has seen a second time after returning from abroad.Maybe it sounds like a cliche and say something about everyone, but it's true ... I watch it in friends here and friends that I have happened in London, what's the rozdíl.Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend I had not seen for years, who previously traveled extensively around the world and spoke to me from the soul and had the same feelings after returning here to home.Is nothing wrong against the people here, but it's just a perception shift, what you do and what foreign countries will It da.Now I know that I want to return abroad sometimes it's worth it there live.V basically in a very short time, I managed to find work with the friend.Job that will entertain me and I think it is in the field of marketing This was my dream.It's nice when people appreciate your ability and confidence in you and can provide a helping hand.I am looking and living with a friend, which was my next great desire to organize it in a short time and again have their privacy, because we say you fair and square, almost 27 years to live at home with their parents is slightly frustrating:-) So if it takes a global, it looks at home here in Prague quite promising, even when that time runs differently here than out there and many of them nezměnilo.Important is, that it changes you.
See you guys :-)