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So what next? With the new year there are more plans, goes into them!

11.01.2015 18:43

So the decision to leave London after 3 months, I'm back here in Prague, at home and I decided to continue the blog and here at home here. With the new year is a lot of plans:-) First of all work, then housing and then everything else. Well, how else that came with the last payment of complications from UK because my account has been closed since leaving London, and they are not able to send money to the Czech account, which is stupid, but you know, what can I do here from home. So we are dealing with someone or sending via check, which is the last option you want, 'cause there are problems with the check the same as in the UK and friends refuse to retake. Waiting for me to send to the UK still two important forms and P85 and U1. Form P85 is used to help return a taxes, because you left before the fiscal year ended. A form U1 is used to the fact that officially receive confirmation that you have lived abroad and duly paid its dues and thus you here in the Czech Republic can be calculated according to the UK support payment. These two form is filled out online here:





and then print sign and send to the UK and wait what happens:-) I don´t know, I'm waiting alone, so we'll see. 

So otherwise keep to my life here. I'm mildly annoys anyone explain why I came back and why so soon, and other similar comments. It's simple people do not know how else to say and explain, I just home after 3 months and I am happy. Suffice it to me, it was enough for what I wanted and what I wanted for myself to achieve ... and that's it. I've had a tough year, and London was the icing on the cake in that long year and I take it as an accomplishment. Someone who has never been in foreign countries. People who have had the honor vi least a little bit and tell yourself that it's up to everyone as it chooses, the main thing is that he was there. A further important remark is that I do door) and i will want to go again, and why not, 'cause I know now that this is best thing you can do for yourself! And He will teach you a lot to think of myself ... And I would probably quit. I am here and I will work hard wearing and gave me to be better and better and achieve everything I have planned.

So here we go, tomorrow awaits me the first interview in the Czech Republic after returning, so keep your fingers crossed, it will revamp art interview, let's go:-)